Monday, October 31, 2005

BASAs Day 6 - Midfielder of the Year

After a weekend cool down sessions, the BASAs return today with Climbing the Ladder giving out the award to Midfielder of the Year. I just worry that will all these awards being given out that the BASAs might have caused some distractions for teams during this weekend's playoffs. Perhaps that explains what happened to DC United.

Anyway, the award for Midfielder of the Year goes to... (click here)

On Friday the award for youngster of the year (U-23) was handed out. The official tally went like this:

1- Clint Dempsey
2- Michael Parkhurst
3- Ricardo Clark
4- Justin Mapp
4- Freddy Adu
6- Chris Rolfe
7- Chad Marshall
8- Paolo Nagamura
8- Brad Guzan
10- Ramon Nunez
11- Santino Quaranta
11- Bobby Boswell

As you can see, there were a lot of thoughts on this one. Dempsey got half the first place votes and a deserved win. But how did I vote? Take a look:

1- Freddy Adu (DC)
2- Justin Mapp (Chicago)
3- Bobby Boswell (DC)

Freddy Adu in the top spot? What were you thinking? Well I actually had him in my third spot, but then I bumped him up after the whole "trash the coach" episode. Not that I support Adu for what he said, but I really don't like it how so many people ganged up on the kid (myself included?). That was not the only reason. I do think that when Adu gets on the field, he alters the dynamic of play in such a way that the opposition is constantly thrown off balance. Is that reason enough for the top spot? I guess, for me, it was.

As far as Justin Mapp is concerned, I am constantly impressed by what he does on the pitch week after week. He got a lot of starts this year and was a force for the Fire. He also seemed a bit more aggressive in his play.

Then there is Bobby Boswell. Like I said in the Rookie of the year listing, I think he was able to fill Ryan Nelsen's shoes very well. He put some much needed swagger into United's backline (even if it was missing during yesterday's outing). The other person I was looking at was Michael Parkhurst who had a very solid year.


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