Saturday, October 22, 2005

Becks must inject

Real Madrid and English international David Beckham has disclosed that he needs painkilling injections in his back just to play.

Beckham has been told that the position he gets into to cross and pass the ball puts strain on his back. This pain requires a pain killing shot before and after matches.

Beckham said of the injections, "After games I have to keep my back still without hardly moving so that the pain doesn't get worse.

"I know that I run, hit the ball and cross differently than other players but I don't think that is the cause of the problem.

"I have a small area of pain and if I have an injection before games it is so I feel better and I am able to play. I hope it's over with soon."

With all the injuries Real is currently facing, this has got to cause some concern. I'm sure it also has a few people worried back home in England. I'm no doctor, but back injuries are not something that just sort of go away unless you change whatever it is that is causing it. Since it is his style of soccer that is causing it, that would be something for difficult to change.



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