Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Man U can't compete with Chelsea

Sir Alex Ferguson has admitted that his club cannot compete with financial might of Chelsea and their owner Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. Even with the promised 'transfer plunge' in January, Ferguson knows that he will need to avoid any players targeted by Chelsea. His exact comment was:

"If Chelsea go for a player we are interested in, we are not going to beat them, so there is no point even going for him unless, like Park Ji-sung, they are of a mind to join United."

"Any young player wanting to progress his career should think seriously about joining us because, as our record proves, we do give them a chance."

This is a very interesting development. If Man United, who up till recently had the highest revenue stream in all of the soccer world, cannot afford to go after the top talent, then what hope do smaller sides have. Will it soon become a Real Madrid - Chelsea shoot out with cash? Nothing short of a salary cap would stop Abramovich from spending freely, but I don't think that is where the EPL want to go.


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