Friday, October 28, 2005

Last chance to vote for US MNT Player of the Year and good news on other blogs

If you have not voted for the US MNT Player of the Year, you better do so quickly. The poll is about to close, so get a ranking.

Vote Here!

On a different note, I just want to note that I have read some really good blog entries today. I really like what the Kin of Fish had to say about keeping things in perspective. Bruce's Belly's take on the MLS playoffs (actually the playoff system) sums up a lot of the talk on what to do next. To wrap it all up, Du Nord provides that same thing he does day after day, the most news per line of any blog I read.

Just some of the good stuff on the soccer blogosphere.

By the way, hat tip to Du Nord for the article on Canada's soccer civil war. It seems "a feud has erupted between the Canadian Soccer Association and Canadian owners of First Division clubs in the United Soccer League over plans by rival Major League Soccer to expand into Canada." There was a lot of talk about this happening back when a Canadian team was first being proposed, so it is not that big of a shock to see it happening. Few businesses like to see more competitors come into the market, even if they publicly say differently.


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