Thursday, October 27, 2005

Do Brazilian fans want replays and do you want to buy the Brazilian National Championship trophy?

With all the controversy over what should be done about the rigged matches in Brazil, no one really has asked what the fans think. That was till the Datafolha polling institute did what they do best and polled a group of people. They found the 60% of fans were in favor of the decision to replay all 11 matches while 22% were opposed. With all the surprise of a sunrise, it turns out fans of clubs that were helped by the ruling support the decision more then fans of not so helped clubs (Corinthians' fans 22% no - Santos' fans ~50% no). Overall, I think this shows what one would expect. For the most part fans just want to know that refs did not decide the game, even if it means their side might drop some points.

With 10 of the 11 matches already replayed, only one result has stayed the same. Even if replaying the matches was the right thing to do, this season will always be tainted.

In other Brazilian news, a judge has ordered the auction of the 1971 Brazilian National Championship trophy owned by Atletico Mineiro soccer club. This auction was needed to pay a debt owned a former employee. The club owes the employee 3,100 reals (US$1,371, €1,140). The auction will take place on Nov. 18 in Atletico Mineiro's home city of Belo Horizonte.

"The 1971 tournament was Brazil's first nationwide soccer championship, held the year after Brazil won its third World Cup. It was the only national title won by Atletico Mineiro, a traditional club that developed heroes such as Reinaldo and Cerezzo.

'I'm holding back the tears. It's difficult,' former striker Dario, known as Dada Maravilha, told Pele's web site. 'I worked so hard, and now it ends like this ... I'd buy it if I had the money, but I don't.'"

It is always sad to watch a piece of history taken from a club. Perhaps some kind soul will win the action and return it to the team. However, more then likely someone will use it as the coolest mantle piece knick-knack ever.


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