Friday, October 28, 2005

Cristiano Ronaldo and Scolari moving to Russia?

See update here.

It seems Dinamo Moscow owner Alexei Fedorichev is ready to spend some more of his money on the club to try and get Cristiano Ronaldo to move from the EPL to the Russian league. In addition, it looks like he would also like a new coach, so why not go for Portugal's national side manager Luiz Felipe Scolari.

As the article points out, Fedorichev wants to do this because, "Dinamo have endured a torrid season despite huge investment in players which has already seen the likes of Nuno Maniche, Costinha, Giourkas Seitaridis and Derlei - to name but a few - arrive."

Fedorichev also said he has talked with Cristiano.

"I've had a conversation with Cristiano and he said that he is ready to play in Dinamo," he opined.

"Of course this isn't a fact, he has more important affairs in England in his life at the moment, so we didn't talk about something concrete."

I'm sure Cristiano's current legal situation is a bit more important to him then future moves to Russia, but I could see this playing a part in any decision. If he is "dragged through the mud" by the English press (has been known to happen), then he might want out, but would Man U be willing to say goodbye?

The article states that Fedorichev would be willing to offer Ribeiro Maniche plus cash to United in exchange for the player. Seeing as United boss Ferguson complained recently about a lack of money preventing them from taking on Chelsea in regards to players they both might want, I could see them becoming interested if the offer was high to very high. Also, Maniche is a good player, so it might happen.

Still, I must wonder how interested is Cristiano in playing in Russia. Not to knock their league, but it really is down the ladder a bit as far as European leagues are concerned. Yes, it is getting better, but it is still seen as a second or third level league by most people. Also, winners in England are a bit chilly, but in Russia, well they don't wear those heavy coats just to look like extras from Doctor Zhivago. Would Portuguese* Cristiano want to live and play in weather like that?

Who knows, with enough money you can make a lot of crazy stuff happen. Perhaps Russia will be a top league 10 years from now and moves like Cristiano's will be seen as the first steps in that direction.

* at first posting I typed Brazilian instead of Portuguese. I really should read over these things before I post them. Sorry about the error.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

cristiano ronaldo is portuguese, not brazilian.but regardless of that, i can't picture him in chilly russia.

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