Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Scots' not giving up on the Cup

Scotland is currently in fourth place in UEFA's Group 5, but they still have high hopes of making it to Germany.

The former Scotland international Archie Gemmill feels good about his side’s chances.

"I think Scotland have an excellent chance of qualifying," he said. "There is a lot of confidence in the squad, they played superbly in the last two games and I can only see one winner against Belarus.

"It's a case of asking, are Norway going to drop any points? I would say the chances are favourable. They have got Moldova to play, which is never easy."

To get to the finals, Scotland will need to beat Belarus and Slovenia. The Scots tied with both these sides in their first meetings 0-0. If they can get the results, then it is all up to Norway who faces the bottom two teams in the group in their final matches (Belarus and Moldova).

Current Group 5 table
Team - Points
Italy - 17
Norway - 12
Slovenia - 12
Scotland - 10
Belrus - 7
Moldova - 5


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