Thursday, September 22, 2005

Fewer fans means less money

Tell me that this not the most obvious title I have ever given a post?

Anyway, sports agent Jon Holmes (his firm's clinets include Steven Gerrard and Michael Owen) has warned the EPL that, "...if fans fall out of love with the game then television companies will not be willing to pay as much for broadcast rights."

He continues:

"There's no doubt there are a number of problems emerging in the game," he said. "We knew when the Premier League was formed that one of the things that would happen is that the strong would get stronger, but it was hoped that more than one club would emerge at the top.

"It would now seem to be a complete monopoly and everyone knows not only who the 'one, two, three' are, but who the 'one' is. The other clubs are just fighting for the mini-prizes. Look at all that sweat Everton put in last season to finish fourth and now they are already out of Europe."

I guess this is the next part of the 'boring' EPL mantra. It will be interesting to see if anything comes of this.


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