Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Newcastle offers record transfer fee for Owen

Newcastle has offered a team record transfer fee for Real Madrid striker Michael Owen. Their current record is £15million for Alan Shearer in 1996.

Owen has stated that he would prefer to only be loaned to the Magpies for a year, but this deal seems to be a full sale. He is still hoping that his former club Liverpool will come up with an offer, but Real Madrid director of communications said that, "at the moment we have not received any offer from Liverpool."

So what will Owen do? I think he showed his cards a bit by saying, "I need to be playing regularly in World Cup year." That is true. If he wants to be in top form next June, he needs to get plenty of minutes between September and March. If this were 2004, he probably wouldn't even consider the move to Newcastle.

Unless Liverpool, or some unknown third club, comes through with a last minute offer, Owen is soon to be a Magpie


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