Friday, August 19, 2005

The World Cup of Baseball

It seems that next March will be the first ever World Baseball Classic. This will be a baseball tournament styled after the World Cup. Teams from around the world will play for the World title.

The strange thing is, most of those in baseball don't like the idea. Just last week I was wondering why other sports don't have a World Cup like show (except for rugby and cricket of course). Okay, some sports like American Football would not go so well because no other country really has the interest in it. However, hockey, basketball and baseball seem like good places to start.

Hockey is always well received in the Winter Olympics, why not have another big show two years later? Basketball is quickly becoming an international affair, but I'm going to guess the NBA would be dead set against the move. Why have great games being played that they would not make money off of? As for baseball, it seems like a lot of players don't get why it would be a good thing. Leave it to American Gregg Berhalter defender to explain it to them:

There is a sense of surging pride in American soccer, after decades of failing in world competition. In 2002, the Americans reached the quarterfinals in South Korea, a highlight of their careers, so far.

"The day we played Germany, it was the only game in the world that day," said Gregg Berhalter, an American defender, recalling the very respectable - even unlucky - 1-0 loss to Germany, the ultimate finalist. "People all over the world told me they watched me."


Blogger scaryice said...

The more American soccer blogs, the better. Keep it up.

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