Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Week 21 recap

Well this was a weekend of soccer I didn't really see coming. At first it looked like I might be on to something with KC making mincemeat pie out of the defense of Chicago, but then Dallas happened, or more exactly didn't happen. It is a shame this was the game of the week on ESPN2 because it was just poor soccer all around. The most exciting moment was when it was halted due to weather. Dallas's defense looked just horrible and they still cannot put together a solid counter attack. The Crew played just a little better and deserved the victory. Oh how FCD has fallen in the last two months.

Okay, I wasn't overly shocked by the Dallas defeat. Anyone who has watched them play recently knows that they are a poor excuse for what they once were. However, the DC United result was a shock. LA doesn't win road games and DC is a team on fire, so what happened? A stupid mistake is what did DC in. When Bobby Boswell put the ball in his own net, it took the air out of United. It is amazing how an own goal can really drop a team, even when they are as talented as DC. LA took full advantage of this. Landon Donovan had one of his best games of the year and ended up scoring two goals. United tried hard to get a point out of the match, but the Galaxy were not letting it happen. LA got a much-deserved win with this one.

Thankfully I still had my Real Salt Lake game in hand, so I knew things weren't going to be horrible. The governor of Utah declared Saturday “Jason Kreis Day,” but that didn't do much for his side. As they have done many times before, they lost another match. San Jose looked okay. With the win, they now sit six points up on Dallas in the West.

Finally, Chivas and the MetroStars. For anyone who thought Chivas was just going to be a chump team all year (I'm talking to myself here), welcome to the post-transfer window world. The first 40 minutes were nothing but Goats. They scored three goals, all by transfers, and looked ready for three points. However, for all their glory and fist pumping, they could not keep it together in the second half. Amado Guevera, who scored off a pk in the 5th minute, got a second pk in the 69th but came up the big hero of the match with an "extremely late in injury time" goal to tie it up. All and all, it should have been Chivas's match, but they are just not there yet.

My Guesses vs. Final Scores
Game (my guess) Final score
Kansas City - Chicago (3-1) 3-0
Crew - Dallas (1-2) 1-0
DC - LA (3-0) 2-3
Salt Lake - San Jose (2-4) 0-1
MetroStars - Chivas (2-1) 3-3

This week 2-3
Total so far this season: 13-17


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