Thursday, August 10, 2006

US Soccer Carnival IV - What to do about the US Open Cup

I've bought myself some cotton candy and I'm about to paint a flower on my face because this blog has been selected by the Fool's Prerogative to host the the fourth installment of the US Soccer Carnival.

The topic of vesion number four is the US Open Cup and more exactly, what to do about it.

The Open Cup is the oldest soccer tournament in the US (and one of the oldest in the world), yet is treated as an after thought to an after thought by the media and teams alike. What I wonder is what can be done to make it better?

On the flip side, if you feel that the cup should fade away to the Levi P. Morton part of history, feel free to explain your reasons why this should be so.

Submissions for this carnival are due next Friday (August 18th). I will post the carnival on Monday August 21st, which is two days before the quarterfinals of this year's Open Cup.

Please email your submissions to



Blogger D said...

Woo-hoo! Congratulations on your winning bid for CAS4.

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