Friday, January 18, 2008

US Men to face Spain in June

For the second time in as many days, it looks like the US Men's national team has booked a friendly. This time the opponent is Spain on 2 June. If this is confirmed, this match would come 12 days before their World Cup Qualifier against either Barbados or Dominica.
Durante la concentración está prevista la disputa de un encuentro amistoso el día 31, contra un rival y en una sede por determinar, y otro el 2 de junio frente a Estados Unidos, todavía también sin sede confirmada.
A very rough translation of this is 'Spain will play a friendly on 31 May against an undetermined team as well as a game on 2 June against the USA in a location yet to be decided.'

My guess is this is a bit of pay back on the part of the Spanish Federation for canceling the match against Catalonia last September.

Well no matter the reason, this is an excellent 'get' on the part of US Soccer. This looks to be Spain's final warm-up match ahead of Euro 2008, so they will have a quality team on the pitch, making it yet another top quality game on foreign soil.

So here are the known games for the men this year:
19 Jan vs. Sweden in Carson, CA
06 Feb vs. Mexico in Houston, Texas
26 March vs. Poland in Krakow, Poland
02 June vs. Spain in Spain
14 June vs. Barbados or Dominica in USA (WCQ)
21 June vs. Barbados or Dominica at Barbados or Dominica (WCQ)

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