Thursday, January 17, 2008

US Men to face Poland in March

The 2008 schedule for the US men's team is taking shape as they have added Poland to their list. The red, white and blue will travel to Krakow, Poland on March 26. Since this is a game on European soil, expect to see many of the yanks abroad on the roster.

So the known games for the men this year are:
19 Jan vs. Sweden in Carson, CA
06 Feb vs. Mexico in Houston, Texas
26 March vs. Poland in Krakow, Poland
14 June vs. Barbados or Dominica in USA (WCQ)
21 June vs. Barbados or Dominica at Barbados or Dominica (WCQ)

If they win their series against Barbados or Dominica, they will also play matches on 20 Aug, 06 Sept, 10 Sept, 11 Oct, 15 Oct and 19 Nov. If they do not beat Barbados or Dominica, there will be a lot of anger.

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Blogger nick said...

A great matchup for USA. The Poles are getting better every year since joining the EU and having their players play in the top western european leagues (i.e. Zurawski, Dudek etc.). Their loss against Equador was a fluke in the world cup and this will be a good matchup for Poland as well as they set for EURO that they easily qualified for.

4:22 PM  

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