Wednesday, December 05, 2007

MLS 2008 Season - First two weekend fixtures

The 2007 season might only be three weeks past, but it is time to look forward to 2008. MLS released most of the fixtures for the first two weeks. The year will begin with a bit of a return to tradition, as the two MLS Cup finalists will face off when Houston travels to New England. Here is the full schedule:
March 29-30
LA Galaxy at Colorado
Houston at New England
Toronto at Columbus
Chicago at Salt Lake
DC at KC
NY-San Jose (match might change)
Chivas at FC Dallas (March 30)

April 3-6
New England at Chicago @ 8pm CT(April 3)
San Jose at LA @ 6:30pm PT (April 3)
Salt Lake at Chivas (April 5)
Columbus at New York (April 5)
Toronto at DC (April 5)
Dallas at Houston (April 6)
KC-Colorado (No exact information on this one)

So in case you missed it, there are two matches taking place on the first Thursday of the season (April 3). The times work out to make it look like there will be two matches on ESPN2 that night. Will this be a one time event designed to attract attention or will we see more of this in the future?

Interesting note about the first week of games, four of the five teams with the lowest 2007 attendance numbers open at home (KC, Colorado, Columbus, Dallas) while only one of the top six gets to play host (New England). Guess they are hoping a first week kickoff to get their numbers up.

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Anonymous tps said...

I'm not seeing how there can be "two matches on ESPN2 that night." One game starts at 8 p.m. CT, the other at 8:30 CT. Sure, we'll probably get highlights from whichever game isn't shown, but it looks like one game on ESPN2 to me.

8:20 AM  
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