Wednesday, November 21, 2007

2008 MLS Expansion draft - San Jose has a team

The San Jose Earthquakes are back and now they have poached some players. Frank Yallop looked all around the unprotected league and decided these were the 10 players he wants to build the new version of the 'Quakes around.

There are sure to be some trades on the way soon (perhaps even before this message posts), but for now, here is the roster for the reborn San Jose Earthquakes.

1. Ryan Cochrane (Houston Dynamo) - D
2. Clarence Goodson (FC Dallas) - D
3. Ned Grabavoy (Columbus Crew) - M
4. James Riley (New England Revolution) - D/F
5. Joseph Vide (New York Red Bulls) - M
6. Ivan Guerrero (Chicago Fire) - M/D
7. Brian Carroll (D.C. United) - M/D
8. Jason Hernandez (Chivas USA) - D
9. Gavin Glinton (LA Galaxy) - F
10. Chris Pozniak (Toronto FC) - M

Cochrane returns to the same campus where you played his college ball to head up the 'Quakes backline. This is a loss for Houston and I think the best pickup for San Jose. Goodson is another great grab by Yallop as is Carroll. Railey will add something as well.

This is a good group to build around although the Pozniak pick does surprise me, although I think Yallop has worked with him before during in Canada. I'm also surprised that Jose Burciaga went on selected. Maybe the $102,000 price tag for a left back in a bit of a funk was a bit too much.

By the way, the three teams that got off easy were Kansas City, Real Salt Lake and Colorado.

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