Friday, November 16, 2007

DCenters for Soccer Blog God

Over at US Soccer dot com, they are hosting their annual 'Best of' awards. They have best male goal, female goal, team, bar, etc., etc. But the big one, the one that will change the course of the game forever, the one that will cause grown men to cry and women to faint is none other then 'Best (damn) Soccer Blog' ever (or at least for now).

The nominees are the cream of the soccer crop (proven by the fact that this blog is nowhere near it), but there is one that stands out far above all the others, because only one gives you the freezer, the Supporters' Shield graphs, the karma bank, the soccer carnivals (whatever happened to those?) and all the DC homer feel they can cram down your bloody throat.

This is the blog that gets up at the crack of noon everyday thinking 'how can I make a DC United joke in French?' This is the blog that looks at anything and thinks, how can I insult the Red Bulls with it? And this is the blog that has taken the clich├ęs out of the soccer lexicon.

Think what you will about the team for which they bleed, but without a doubt, DCenters is the best soccer blog this country has to offer. They have lead the way and pushed the sport forward as few others could. So do yourself a favor and go have a few drinks, but before you do, vote for DCenters.

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Blogger D said...

You are too kind sir. Thank you. When we come to dominate all media, your place with us is secure.

6:00 PM  

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