Thursday, April 19, 2007

San Jose stadium deal is dead

Just hours ago it became official, the reborn San Jose Earthquakes will not play in Spartan stadium on the campus of San Jose State University. President Don Kassing and developer Lew Wolff just could not work out a compromise that each could live with.

All along Wolff, who co-owns the rights to restart the Earthquakes, has said he has other options, now we will see what those options might be. He still hopes to fund any stadium with money earned from real estate development, however it is hard to see how the City of San Jose would go along with his current plans if he were not going to build a stadium in the town.

This is a major blow to soccer fans in the bay area. When he purchased the rights to the Earthquakes last year Wolff said he wanted to find a "public agency willing to give him land for a stadium,” as “buying land outright in San Jose could be prohibitively expensive." With San Jose University turning them down, there are not many other public agencies available.

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