Monday, February 05, 2007

Utah forces stadium on Salt Lake County - Real stays alive

It looks like the death of Real Salt Lake was announced a bit too early as the Utah state legislature is set to force Salt Lake County to build the infrastructure for the soccer stadium or loose a bunch of tax dollars.

The new deal calls for the county to pay $1.1 million a year for the next 20 years.

If the county does not agree, they will lose the funds for the stadium as well as money from other county taxes.

"For the first four years, that money is already earmarked to pay the bonds on the Salt Palace, unlike the earlier deal the county turned down, this new deal will force the county to cut some programs to pay stadium costs."

What a way to get a stadium deal. The Mayor of Sandy Tom Dolan has to be happy, as he has wanted this all along, however, 70% of the county residents were against the plan.

If this plan does go through, Real will need to kick up the public relations work to help improve their image with their new neighbors. They must remember that these people upset over this decision by the state are the same people they need to come see events at their home.

The biggest losers of all have got to be the soccer community in St. Louis as they, once again, are left without a team.

So welcome back from the dead Real Salt Lake. Let's hope that in a couple years you'll be host the team from St. Louis in your bungalow in Sandy.

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