Sunday, February 04, 2007

De Rosario wants to play for Toronto

Canadian Dwayne De Rosario plans on playing for Toronto FC, however, he is in no real hurry to make it happen.

"I feel that one day I will be wearing a Toronto FC uniform," said De Rosario, who won an MLS championship last season with the Houston Dynamo.

"I'll be proud to represent the city where I was born and raised."

But De Rosario also stressed that he wasn't about to abandon the Dynamo, with whom he signed last off-season. He loves Houston, he says, but loves his hometown too. "I've found a home here in Houston," said De Rosario, 28. "I don't want to take respect away from Houston. (But) it's no big secret that I'm from Toronto."

At 28 years of age, De Rosario's odds of going overseas are next to none, so finishing his career back home makes since. I think he recently signed a two-year extension with the Dynamo, so it will not be happening anytime soon, but if he wants it to happen, chances are MLS will make it happen.

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