Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Cory Gibbs returns to play

One of the saddest days for US fans prior to the World Cup was the day Cory Gibbs (pictured) was ruled out due to a right knee injury suffered in the Morocco friendly.

Six months to the day after suffering that injury, he returned to action. It was the first time he took the pitch for Charlton and it was only in a reserves match, but it was still something great to see (or read about).

He played the first 45 minutes and did not sustain any injuries.

'"The knee was fine," a happy Gibbs told YA. "And it felt good just to suit up even if it was just one half for the Reserves."

"The good thing was I came out injury free," he went on. "I am looking to play maybe one or two more reserve games and get back into the swing of things."'

His side lost 4-2 against the Reading reserves, but the result didn't really matter.

He hopes to increase his playing time over the next couple reserve matches and finally take the pitch with the senior squad.

Charlton could use his help as they find themselves at the bottom of the table in the EPL.

Congratulations to Cory and lets hope he keeps getting better.


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