Sunday, July 02, 2006

Donovan and Dempsey each net two

Back from Germany and hungry for goals. Dempsey might not have as much to prove as Donovan, but both were looking to be noticed Saturday night. Donovan played his best game of the year for LA. He created chances, exposed holes and took shots. Could it be that all the pressure and criticism has awoken the soccer player in Donovan?

Meanwhile in New England, Clint Dempsey was a man of good luck. For his first goal, he did little more then stand there. Seriously, he didn't kick it. Instead, a bad clearance in front of New York's box bounced off of Dempsey and redirected into the net. His second goal was a sloooooooow skipping shot that the keeper could have got, but was leaning in the wrong direction. But it doesn't matter how they are scored, just that they are scored. By the way, if you want to see a 'how is the even possible' goal, check out New York's Edson Buddle score in the 24th (you will need windows media player to view link).

Finally, Mexican international Claudio Suarez might not have been used by his side in Germany, but his time overseas must have spurred something as he too found the net twice in Chivas's match against FC Dallas. His two goals started off very similar, thanks to good assists from Juan Pablo Garcia and came within four minutes of each other.

Welcome back to the MLS.


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