Friday, July 21, 2006

Could Zidane have killed, Japan and Kenya get their coaches and some MLS news

Even with the punishment dolled out, the talk over the head butt is not over. Italy, taking a break from the match fixing scandal, is outraged over the ban for Marco Materazzi. But the anger has taken a new twist as a top Italian cardiologist has said that, "Zinedine Zidane could have caused Marco Materazzi to suffer a heart attack when he head-butted him in the chest in the World Cup final."

"It is well documented that a sudden violent blow to the area around the heart can cause cardiac arrest, especially in young athletes, when the heart is vulnerable because the electrical circuit is destabilized (by physical exertion)," said Professor Francesco Furlanello, one of the leading figures in his field.

Furlanello joined the chorus of those protesting that the similarity of the punishments puts abusive language on the same level as - potentially lethal - violent behaviour.

Let the debate continue.

In none heart related news, Former Yugoslavia soccer coach Ivica Osim has been named Japan's head coach. Osim led Yugoslavia to the quarterfinals of the 1990 World Cup in Italy, and has also led Austrian club SK Sturm Graz to the Champions League. He has been manager of JEF United in Japan's J-League since 2003. JEF won their first league title last year. Osim takes over from Brazilian Zico.

Kenya is also celebrating a new coach as former French goalkeeper Bernard Lama has been hired to lead the Harambee Stars. Lama was part of the 1998 French team that won the World Cup, however he was dropped as France's starter in 1997 after testing positive for cannabis. The hiring of a Frenchman is another step in France setting themselves up as a key partner in Kenya's future socio-economic development.

In MLS news, Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber was in Kansas City earlier this week to talk with a group that wants to buy the Wizards. The group is interested, but still does not have a plan for a soccer stadium in place. Garber said that there should be an announcement about the local group in the next two to three weeks.

Could Hartford, Connecticut be a good home for the MLS? That's the question posed by Nathan Conz. I must admit, Hartford would not be on my short list, but Nathan makes some good points. He looks at the possibility of the Revolution moving there or of getting an expansion team. But a big part of his focus is the difference between MLS and NHL teams.


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On's amazing the way men have reacted to his reaction to bullying.


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