Thursday, April 20, 2006

Toronto Looking for a name-o

The future Toronto MLS team is looking for a name and they want input from fans. How are they going to get this input? Well they're having a poll. Okay, the last time a MLS team had a poll to name a team, it didn't go so well (1836, we hardly knew you), but maybe this one will stick.

Actually, I'm not so sure how they are going to use this poll since there is a place for you to write in your own team name.

The choices they provide are:
Toronto FC
Inter Toronto FC
Toronto Northmen FC
Toronto Nationals
Toronto Reds

Here's a bit of a funny thing, the post says, "We've narrowed a long list of potential names to three based on our research and now we want to hear from you," yet they provide 5 names. Maybe this has something to do with the conversion rate between US and Canadian dollars.

Anyway, what about the names? We already have the Red Bulls, so I say strike Reds. Inter Toronto sounds strange to me. Toronto FC is a little under exciting. So between Northmen and Nationals, I would go with Northmen.

Just a bit of history, Toronto was incorporated as a city in 1834, so maybe Toronto 1834 will get a few votes.



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