Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Arrest made in Belgian match-fixing scandal

Player agent Pietro Allatta has been arrested and held without bail after being charged with forgery and making threats.

Allatta turned himself into authorities today and was questioned for several hours. After the interrogation, the judge decided to arrest him. Allatta is best known as the agent involved in the transfer of national team goalkeeper Silvio Proto from La Louviere to Anderlecht last year.

The warrant for his arrest was issued last week after a raid on his home. His was one of 20 homes or offices raided last week in connection to the match-fixing scandal.

An international warrant has also been issued for Chinese businessman Zheyun Ye, who is suspected of organizing the match-fixing ring in Belgium.

At least six players and coaches have been fired by their clubs after being linked to match fixing.

This scandal is just the latest example of soccer gone to the muck. With FIFA consistently turning a blind eye to corruption in their ranks, can we really be surprised that things like this (or the most recent German scandal) happen? If the person at the top truly cared, he would not excuse the crimes of those around him. Instead, he would set a no tolerance standard. I guess if you built your house on bribes and cheats, why would you want to attack your very foundation?

Soccer is rotting from the inside out. If it was not for the overwhelming passion of the millions of fans, this fruit would have long ago fell to the jungle floor.


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