Thursday, September 15, 2005

MLS Roster Freeze Day

So the teams are all but set (there is still some paperwork and a possible pickup of let goes during the next 24 hours) for the final stretch of the season. With the transfer window now closed, we can see where teams felt they needed help.

Chivas brought in the forwards of Francisco Palencia and Juan Pablo Garcia who have given the goats some offensive, plus they got keeper Sergio Garcia who was injured after only two games.

Colorado added defender Dedi Ben-Dayan and two more forwards with Diego Serna and Jovan Kirovski.

FC Dallas must feel they have a decent backline because they only added a keeper. Argentinean Dario Sala will bring some needed discipline to the defense, but one still must wonder why they didn't look for another back.

LA will get to see Marcelo Saragosa again. The Brazilian played 26 games last year for the Galaxy and should help the team in the middle.

Real Salt Lake are looking at Gustavo Cabrera for more defensive help while Adolfo Gregorio and Jamaican Robert need to keep things organized in the midfield.

San Jose didn't really do much except sign Aaron Lanes as a development player. I guess they figure whatever they are doing now is working, so why change.

In the East, the Fire also did very little. They added Andy Rosenband to development and, well that is it.

Columbus did even less by doing nothing. It is a little odd that a team that has looked better of late and still could try for a run at the playoffs would bring no one else onboard, but I guess they have some plan (and I think it's "next year").

DC United picked up defender Facundo Erpen who has been some help during his first four matches plus they have signed a foreign player whose name will be released at a later date. That seems strange to me.

KC is trying to toughen up their midline with Jamaican Jermaine Hue. They also want some additional striking power so they welcomed Finnish striker Antti Sumiala. Khari Stephenson was let go in order to make room for Sumiala.

The MetroStars brought in one defender with Daniel Garipe.

And how about the best team in MLS, the Revolution? They brought in three new players. Tony Lochhead was signed during the final hours of the transfer window making him a newbie along with Daniel Hernandez and Panama national team member Ricardo Phillips. The Revs also placed keeper Kyle Singer on waivers. Will this be enough to get the Revs their first MLS Cup?


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