Monday, August 29, 2005

Ten best US vs Mexico matches

Can you feel the growing excitement for Saturday's big game? I'm guessing that, unless you are associated with ESPN, you can.

US Soccer has put together a list of the ten best matches between these rivals. Obviously this is from a US view, so don't go looking for any surprise Mexican victories. That said, the best thing about this list is the way it shows the development of the rivalry and US soccer. As their pick for number six suggests, before the July 5,1991, Gold-Cup meeting, US-Mexico matches were seen in the same light as say, anybody versus the LA Clippers. However, "for all intents and purposes, this match is the start of the USA-Mexico rivalry. For the first time, the USA thumps Mexico in a major event: the semifinals of the inaugural 1991 Gold Cup. John Doyle and Peter Vermes score the goals, and to add a bit of spice to the burgeoning dislike between the two teams, Mexico’s head coach (Manual Lapuente) is fired just days after the match, while the U.S. is taking home CONCACAF bragging rights with their first Gold Cup championship."

It really is a great read that let's us know how wonderful this clash on Saturday might just be.

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