Saturday, August 27, 2005

Get to know the new Chivas players

The Press Telegram out of Long Beach has some good information on the new additions to Chivas USA.

"When the team arrived at Los Angeles International Airport on Monday, Palencia and Garcia were hounded by television camera crews from Univision and Televisa.

The club added two more Mexican players recently defensive midfielder Hector Castro and goalkeeper Sergio Garcia.

The four acquisitions give Chivas USA nine Mexicans on its 28-man roster. Only five players have no Mexican heritage at all.

The key addition is a 32-year-old pony-tailed forward who sports blue fingernails and is simply known as "Paco' to his countrymen.

Even with all the hype surrounding his arrival, Palencia scored two goals in the first 22 minutes of his Major League Soccer debut Sunday.

He also got a taste of MLS refereeing, which led to two MetroStars penalty kick goals and five minutes of stoppage time. That paved the way for a 94th-minute Metros goal, which allowed them to salvage a 3-3 tie."

It is interesting that no English language stations were present. Not a surprise, but still lets you know how far MLS still has to go. Also, the take on MLS refereeing is great. Let's you know the deference between the leagues on the North and South side of the border.


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