Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Oguchi Onyewu gets the bio treatment in USA Today

Could the 6-4 central defender with the "how do you say that?" name become the next big soccer star? Kelly Whiteside looks at that possibility as well as his life so far in today's USA Today.

He had a funny moment going through customs. Here is the run down.

"You here to play basketball?" the customs agent asked.

"No, soccer," Onyewu said.

"OK, have a good day," the agent said, still sizing him up.

"He was kinda shocked that it was soccer out of all the sports I could say," says Onyewu of the question he gets nearly every day ("Soccer? Really?") when he comes back to the USA. In Belgium, where he has been immortalized with his very own bobble-head doll, everyone knows his sport.

So will he ever be a household name around these parts? Only time and a great World Cup will tell.


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