Monday, August 15, 2005

Coaching 3 year olds - A response to ShopperKritkrit's comment

So this blog does not get many comments and I'm not really helping that along. I failed to notice that ShopperKritkrit left me a comment on Thursday. She must think I'm a jerk.

Anyway, the question asked was about coaching her 3 year old. Also, there were also some nice comments about me being an expert. I must say, I can only wish I was an expert, but thank you for the kind words nonetheless.

But back to coaching. Watching 3 year olds play soccer is a lot of fun because you just see this mass of bodies all trying to kick the ball at the same time, except there is always one kid who finds something really interesting to look at in the grass. Just so you know, more often then not, I was that kid. But this is not about me.

I think the biggest thing to learn is how to kick the ball. One must learn to kick it not with the toes, but with the inside part portion of the foot. You will get much better ball control and better power if you do it this way.

Once one knows how to kick, you need to learn how to pass. Too often younger players (as well as a few older players) like to take the ball and go screaming right towards the net. This is wonderful if there are only one or two people between you and the goal, but it is a recipe for failure most other times. By passing the ball to a teammate (and having them pass it to another and on and on), you are forcing the defense to open up because they need to move towards the ball to cut off your attack. The more movement that happens, the greater the chance that a hole will open in their defense line, thus allowing a player to sneak through.

I hope this makes some sense. A really great way to learn about the game is to watch it get played. If you have cable, check out a MLS (or other pro league) match or go see one live if you have the chance.

Wishing you the best.


Blogger Krit said...

Great advice. I will for sure take my boys to a game- didn't think about it but that would be a great way to start the season and get them excited (not that they aren't).

My 3 year old asks almost everyday about when we'll start- so cute.

The suggestions on kicking is much appreciated. I will for sure do my best to pass on that concept. My older boy does a great job controlling the ball down the field, but not so much on kicking it in the goal. Maybe that advice will help him too?

Thanks for taking the time!

6:26 AM  

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