Saturday, July 30, 2005

The State of MLS

Fox Sports has an excellent article on the current state of MLS as it enters its 10th All-Star break. Take a look at it here.

This is the part I find most interesting:

"League officials traveled to Toronto on Thursday to discuss a possible franchise there in two years. The same day, the league announced the sale of operating rights to D.C. United for what Garber said was upward of $25 million, the highest price yet for a MLS club.

MLS folded two teams in 2003 and opened play this season with two new franchises, Real Salt Lake and Chivas USA. Garber and others were giddy over the advantage that Chivas brings in terms of marketing toward Latinos in the Los Angeles area, which already has the L.A. Galaxy."

When Tampa and Miami folded in 2003, more then a few people thought that it was a sign of the end coming on fast. Thankfully, it turned out to be a tactical choice that allowed money to go elsewhere in the league. With the recent sale of DC and all the stadiums coming online (side note, I didn't realize Chicago would also have a stadium next year), the MLS is set to enter the post-start up phase of its life. Hopefully, with the new stadiums and improved TV deals, the league will have the money needed to push into the mainstream of US sports. Still, I must wonder, is Toronto a big soccer town?


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