Saturday, June 07, 2008

MLS Expansion - Philadelphia stadium good, grocery store better

When Philadelphia won their expansion club in February, the residents of Chester (the site of their new stadium) were happy, but the biggest reward might not be the team. Instead, the community of 36,000 might finally get a grocery store of their own thanks to the new soccer club.

Turns out the city has not had their own grocery store since 2001, causing residents to either shop at mini-marts or travel large distances (including crossing over to Delaware) to get their food. Some believe this has made it harder for those in Chester to stay healthy.

"'There's a correlation between food access and public health,' said John Talmage, head of Social Compact, a Washington coalition that promotes inner-city investment."

A grocery chain still needs to be found for the project, but if the Philadelphia group makes this happen, it will be one of the most positive results possible and a great way to sure their commitment to the community.

I know, not the most soccer related post ever, but it is events like this that can have a long reaching effect on the future of the game.

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