Friday, June 13, 2008

Concacaf 2010 World Cup Qualifying schedule - Second Round

The second leg of Concacaf World Cup Qualifying swings into full gear this weekend as 24 teams look to advance to the first group phase. Although there are strong favorites in just about every one of these contests, the constant possibility of an upset will be present. Who knows, an early surprise goal or red card could kill a team's dream.

America will take on Barbados in their opening match at the Home Depot Center. The red, white and blue are coming off a strong tie against Argentina in front of almost 80,000 at Giants Stadium. There are still tickets available for Sunday's match.

Anyway, here is the full schedule of second round matches:

First Leg
Guatemala6-0Saint Lucia
Trinidad and Tobago1-2Bermuda
Antigua and Barbuda3-4Cuba
Honduras4-0Puerto Rico
Saint Vincent and
the Grenadines
Grenada2-2Costa Rica
Panama1-0El Salvador
Haiti0-0Netherlands Antilles

Second Leg
Saint Lucia1-3Guatemala
Bermuda0-2Trinidad and Tobago
Cuba4-0Antigua and Barbuda
Puerto Rico2-2Honduras
Canada4-1Saint Vincent and
the Grenadines
Costa Rica3-0Grenada
El Salvador3-1Panama
Netherlands Antilles0-1Haiti

USA advances to group A in Concacaf first group phase with 9-0 aggregate win over Barbados.
Guatemala advances to group A with 9-1 aggregate win over Saint Lucia.
Trinidad and Tobago advances to group A with 3-2 aggregate win over Bermuda.
Cuba advances to group A with 8-3 aggregate win over Antigua and Barbuda.

Honduras advances to group B in the first group phase with a 6-2 aggregate win over Puerto Rico.
Jamaica advances to group B with a 13-0 aggregate win over Bahamas.
Canada advances to group B with a 7-1 aggregate win over Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Mexico advances to group B with a 9-0 aggregate win over Belize.

Costa Rica advances to group C with a 5-2 aggregate win over Gernada.
Suriname advances to group C with a 3-1 aggregate win over Guyana.
El Salvador advances to group C with a 3-2 aggregate win over Panama.
Haiti advances to group C with a 1-0 aggregate win over Netherlands Antilles.

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