Friday, May 16, 2008

MLS Expansion - Is Vancouver's MLS dream over?

MLS Commissioner Don Garber has made it clear, if Vancouver wants to be the second Canadian team in the league, they need a stadium. Greg Kerfoot, owner of the Vancouver Whitecaps, has been trying to make it happen for five years, but no it looks like he has given up as the soccer club will permanently move into the 60,000-seat BC Place in 2011.

BC Place will host the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympic games. After the games, the air-supported roof will be removed and replaced with a retractable roof. Once that is done, the Whitecaps will move in.

If this is indeed a permanent move, it looks like MLS will not be in Vancouver anytime soon. However, the team is still negotiation with officials regarding the stadium, so who knows, the dream might still become reality.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny, according to local press and the Whitecaps themselves, the view coming out of this city seems to be the exact opposite... that the 'Caps have a far better chance of moving into the MLS with this stadium move in place... Especially considered their recent history playing against MLS teams (beating the Galaxy last week and tying them a few months back, both in front of +/- 40,000 people.

See their news page at:


Lucas (

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Blogger thumpjosh said...

Yeah, I thought this was at least a step in a direction to where they could have a temporary home for a Vancouver team should MLS decide to move there.

Really, the city needs to be proactive with this and MLS, for all their attempts creating all this competition, needs to allow time for this city to figure it out.

Why not move KC to Vancouver. They get less fans then Portand or Vancouver. I know MLS wants to be in the midwest, but COlumbus and KC fans are NOT interested. Give franchises to fans that will pack them in week to week. Vancouver and Portland are waiting.

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