Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Salt Lake want to snag Brazilian from Australian side

Real Salt Lake are hoping to do in 2008 what DC United did in 2007 and grab a quality Brazilian from Australia's A-League. The player Real has in mind is Queensland Roar's striker Reinaldo.

Reinaldo has been with the club for a little over two season, but really only came into his own over the second half of the current campaign. He has proven to be quick and smart with the ball and can cause havoc with any back line.

If Salt Lake can land him, it should give them a force up top, however, there is something standing in their way, the Colorado Rapids. Yes, their Rocky Mountain rivals hold the right of first refusal due to the allocation list.

Needless to say, both clubs would like to have Reinaldo's service, so the question becomes can Colorado offer him enough to go with them? With the recent signing of Christian Gomez (around $350k) along with the salaries of Mastroeni ($280k), Kirovski ($200k), Petke ($126k) and Hernandez ($130k), Real might have a little more money to throw around (the five players mentioned make up a little less then half of the Rapids total cap).

Hopefully one of these two clubs with land Reinaldo because I think he could bring something really nice to the league.

To see what kind of goal scorer he is, take a look at his goal in this video (play starts around :22).

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Blogger Allen said...

Hernandez and the Rapids renegotiated his contract during the off-season. No official work on what he's making but some are speculating it to be as low as $80k.

Still, I would speculate that RSL's player wage expenditure is higher. It has been in the past. Rumors are that Borchers didn't come cheap. And now they've taken Dema on top of a roster that while doesn't have a lot of stars, has a lot of experience. It's easy to get distracted by Kirovski's $200k but it stands to reason many of the new faces RSL's brought in are in the $75-$125k range. Those add up fast.

7:40 PM  
Blogger Allen said...

...btw, are people in Queensland color blind? How the hell did they end up with bright cherry red combined with maroon?

7:42 PM  

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