Monday, January 28, 2008

MLS Expansion - Two stadium options in Miami

These are boom times for the league in Miami as they now have a second offer for a stadium, rent-free. Florida International University has offered MLS the use of their soon-to-be completed 18,000-seat stadium for free (blue arrow on the map). The new facility 'is being built with soccer in mind, and he made sure the venue would comply with all of the league's and FIFA's requirements in regards to field size, locker rooms and media work areas' and is about 8-miles from downtown Miami The FIU stadium will be finished in September, which means that if the league wanted to expand into the area, they could do so starting as early as the 2009 season.

The draw back to this whole scenario of course is the lack of revenue the team would earn from actually owning a stadium. It would be a better situation then that of teams like San Jose and Houston, but it still is not the ideal model.

MLS is still working with the city of Miami to build a new $100m, 25,000 stadium to be build on the site of the Orange Bowl (green arrow on the map). The terms of that deal have the investors in a new franchise putting up half the money and then owning the stadium. Obviously a better financial situation. However, with any Orange Bowl stadium at least 2-years away, if the league wanted to get into the area sooner, FIU gives them a great option.

Even if they do not land a MLS club, FIU is hoping that future Gold Cups and MLS combines might make their way to the new location.

With so much interest coming out of the Miami area, it is hard to imagine the area is long for a club.

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