Friday, November 09, 2007

New England Revolution wins the East, look for the double

Chicago Fire 0-1 New England Revolution

Chicago's lack of finishing finally did them in as the Revs return to MLS Cup for the fourth time in six years. Overall, the match was lacking in excitement as both sides suffered from poor passing in the final third, but the real story is the lack of quality shots on goal the Fire had. Of their 10 on target shots, only two forced Matt Reis to make any sort of effort to stop them.

Blanco was mostly invisible on the evening thanks in large part to referee Kevin Stott. Since a large part of Blanco's game is based on getting calls from the ref, if the ref ain't calling', it just ain't happening. But Blanco was not the only player lacking. Other then some quality saves by Matt Pickens the team was a wash.

The Twellman goal was excellent, but overall, the Revs were a bit caged, but that is sort of their style.

As far as the ESPN call, it did not add anything to the excitement level. Even though they talked a large amount about the game, overall, it was just filler and enough about Boston being the city of champions. We got it the first time.

Goal: Taylor Twellman (2) 38'
Attendance: 10,317 (not very good at all)

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Blogger George said...

I went to the game, (my first MLS game!!), your observations are dead on.

Wanchope was awful, he couldn't run or move with speed. Peiod end of sentence. Hopefully this is his swan song because his career is over.

I'm from Boston so I was rooting for the Rev's, but I kept looking down at the Chicago sideline wondering when Juan Carlos Osorio would tell Calen Carr to warm up and get into the game. What was Osorio thinking even starting Wanchope?

It wasn't a very fluid game, but I love Soccer and Support MLS! Hopefully the Final is more fluid.

2:22 PM  
Blogger Susan said...

I agree with George, your analysis is excellent, Mike. As a Fire fan, I'm getting a bit tired of Blanco's shtick with the fouls. And George, you can imagine how Fire fans feel about Wanchope. But Revs fans should be happy about Osorio's mysterious decision to play him, no? It was kind of like the Fire were playing down a man all night. Anyway, Twellman's goal was memorable. Best of luck to the Revs in the finals.

3:06 PM  

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