Saturday, January 14, 2006

Waiting for word from USSF about World Cup tickets

It is almost 4pm in Chicago and no one seems to have get word from USSF about World Cup tickets yet. I have been looking at various soccer boards, other blogs, my email and even my credit card statement (online, not the paper one I got a week ago) for activity, but everything points to nothing happening - yet.

I'm going to guess (and hope) that they are burning the midnight oil at US soccer headquarters. Maybe we will know something in the next couple hours, however I am a little concerned. The act of sending out thousands of emails will take a little while, so even if they start sending them out right around 5pm, some of us might not know for a few additional hours. You think it is difficult waiting for tickets now, just wait till you have to wait while you hear stories from other people who have already gotten word (this will be doubled if some people get the 'wait list' option).

If you are looking at applying for tickets via FIFA's third phase draw, just a reminder, that you have to do it by 6pm EST tomorrow (Sunday the 15th). It says midnight on the website, but that is German time. Just a warning. Here is the link.

If anyone does get word about their ticket, feel free to leave a comment. It would be great if you could tell watch matches you got tickets to as well as your confirmation number (please don't put the whole thing just something like 53**).


Anonymous Oscar M. said...

Just checked my email and found I'm on the waiting list. Ugh.

The FIFA ticketing is a bit confusing, especially the part about having to accept partial ticket sales. Not sure if that means, for example, that if you want 4 tickets to the US-Italy game and they can only sell you 2, that you have to take it.

I might rethink how I'll get tickets.

9:21 PM  

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